Biography of Pastor Jerry Jude


Pastor Jerry Jude was born in the Caribbean Island of Antigua and graduated All Saints Secondary school in 1979.  In 1983, Pastor Jerry Jude Immigrated to St.Thomas US Virgin Island and moved to New York City and became a US citizen in 1988 and later re-located to Atlanta, Georgia November 1993. Pastor Jerry Jude graduated Covenant College in 2001 obtaining a Bachelors of Science Degree in Organizational Management and currently attending Columbus State University and will graduate with a Masters of Public Safety Administration in 2017.


Pastor Jerry Jude married the love of his life Andrea Jude February 3, 2007, and will celebrate10 wonderful years on February 3, 2017. Pastor Jerry Jude is the father of 3 daughters,  first Latoya Rodriguez served in the US Army 4 years and now worked as a Budget Analyst for the US Government. Tandika Jude served 6 years and currently retired US Army and attending  Culinary School. Skyla Jude graduated Syracuse University obtaining a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Therapy. Pastor Jerry Jude is a proud Grand-Pa of 5 year old Zoe Rodriguez.

On Father's Day of 2000, Pastor Jerry Jude accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior. A few weeks later I was baptized in Jesus name and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.


In 2007 Pastor Jerry Jude accepted the call to preach the gospel at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church and was Licensed by Pastor James  Jewell July 20, 2008. Pastor Jerry Jude was later elevated to Assistant Pastor.

In May 25, 2014, Pastor Jerry Jude was ordained and is now the Pastor at Bread of Life Free Church Inc. in Rydal, Georgia.

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